Everyone Needs to Play! [Keeley Krackerz post]

Lately people have been talking about play.  It’s not just that playing is fun, but it turns out that playing is important for kids’ development as well.  Experts have begun to remind of us all the ways in which play is actually one of the most important ways for kids to stay healthy, to get along with others, to learn about the world, and to understand themselves.

Read on down for an amazing video!

At Keeley Krackerz, we are all in favor of play.  From the brand’s founding in 1939, we’ve encouraged children the world over to have a good time (and not just a good time enjoying Keeley Krackerz).  From the very beginning, our advertising and our box image has featured kids playing.

[Imagine here a gallery of four or five images of Keely Krackerz box covers over the decades, all showing kids playing:  tree-climbing from the 1940’s, Little League from the 1960’s, skateboarding from the 90’s, etc., all with crackers prominently at hand.




It goes down a ways.]

And play is not just for kids!  Recently we came across a fascinating discussion from the TED Talks series that reminds us how playing, whatever form it takes, is important at every age.  Take some time to listen to Ted Brown, a researcher who reminds us that playful children grow into happy adults, and that playful adults live happier lives.

At Keeley Krackerz, we believe in play, and we believe in families having a good time together.  That’s what we’ve been all about for 75 years.  Keeley Krackerz says Keep Playing!

Tell us more about how you play, and how Keeley Krackerz is a part of it.


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